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A Top G-Man Exposes Spies, Lies, and Bureaucratic Bungling in the FBI

Reflecting on a career that spanned from Little Rock to the South Pacific, from criminal probes to counterintelligence, Agent I.C. Smith tells all about the FBI's most historic cases-from Watergate to today-in this engaging and controversial book. With his characteristic candor, Smith recounts his colorful experiences with FBI and CIA directors, Supreme Court justices, Janet Reno, the spies Morris and Eva Childs, Cuban General Rafael del Pino, as well as Robert Hannsen and Kenneth Starr. Filled with startling new information (including seventy never-before-published revelations), this book gives behind-the-scenes details of FBI investigations, revealing untold secrets about the spy Larry Wu-Tai Chin, dealings with Cuban intelligence officers, the disbanded Arkansas cult known as Covenant Sword and the Arm of the Lord, and both of the Clintons. And it confronts head-on the errors inside the FBI, pointing out management failures-both at FBI headquarters as well as in the field offices-that led to the attacks of 9/11.


Book Details:

  • Hardcover: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (November 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0785260617
  • ISBN-13: 978-0785260615
  • Great Read...Highly Recommended

    "Smith captures the good, the bad and the ugly. Like so many other governmental and private organizations as more information is passed to headquarters through the information highways, micromanagement increases and leadership decreases. Clearly this was the case at the FBI."

    --Steve Dietrich

    Overall Superb...

    "I.C. Smith tells it like it is  He is a straight shooter. I'm glad he made it to retirement without being shot by a crook or stabbed in the back (fatally) by one of the suits in Washington that pretend to serve the people while serving only themselves."

    --Robert D. Steele

    Refreshing Truthfulness...

    "Great Book. Anyone who's followed history and current events for any length of time must be aware of the FBI's arrogance, public failings, and history of horrible decision making.  I.C. Smith details just a few of these instances in his book (along with, of course, the ubiquitus political, white house, and DOJ interferrences). Great book for those who want a better understanding of the FBI and why they do the things they do."

    --F. Knocker

    Secure?  Read This Book And Think Again...

    "Thank you, I.C. Smith, for the courgage to present a thorough and public airing of the improprieties within the FBI. We can only hope and pray that someone will listen and make the necessary changes within the National Security structure of the FBI so that every citizen of the United States can feel protected. A GREAT READ!"

    --Patricia M.

    A Very Interesting Insider's View...Not to be missed...

    "If there's one thing that can be said about the FBI it is that they try to keep a spotless image with the public. This is the inside story. It not only exposes bungling within the FBI but also examines some of the corrupt systems in which the FBI must work.  Mr. Smith pulls no punches.  Inside: A Top G-Man Exposes Spies, Lies, and Bureaucratic Bungling Inside the FBI is highly recommended, entertaining, and enlightening."

    --Harold McFarland

    Engaging and Fair...

    "Covering everything from Whitewater, to recent spy scandals, to 9/11, the author gives real insight, and more importantly backs up his ideas on the FBI over the past 20 years. It is an engaging and easy read. I highly recomend it."

    --Sarah Beckett

    A Recommended Read...

    "As a journalist, I was involved in reporting about some of the public corruption investigations Smith included in his book. For events I know about firsthand, he's accurate to a fault. I'd recommend this book to all who enjoy nonfiction works that delve into the intertwined workings of federal government and politics."

    --Jeff Porter

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